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Our Mindfulness Workshops are a great way to start
on the path for mental improvement.
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Incorporating mindfulness can bring many benefits to the workplace.

Reduces anxiety

De-stress and help people deal with
stressful situations in calmer manner.

Improves memory

Reduce distracting thoughts and improve
short-term memory recall.

Helps you focus

You'll be more concentrated on
the task at hand.
Our workshops are a great starting point for learning about mindfulness and the different techniques you can incorporate into your daily life.

Some of our most popular events

Beginner Yoga

Physical peace and mental peace should be sought out in tandem.

General Mindfulness

Start your journey here for guidance on introspection, breathing, and de-stressing techniques.

You don't need any experience to participate in our workshops.

Our session will allow you to release any tension in the body, quiet and focus your mind, learn techniques that you can utilize each day to offset the daily challenges we face, and connect with fellow employees.

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“Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different”
James Baraz —  founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

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Our Top Tips for Better Mindfulness

Some of our top tips for better mindfulness that you can start incorporating today.
Take regular breaks
(outdoors if possible)
If you are working at a screen all day, then it is important to take regular breaks to stand up. Even better if you can pop outside as well.
Breathing and meditation
Learning some breathing and meditation techniques are fantastic ways to relax and refocus.
Find an activity that you enjoy doing that helps to get the blood pumping and leaves you energized. Yoga is perfect for beginners because you can find plenty of workouts to suit your schedule and level.
Keep a journal so that you can look back on what has and hasn’t worked for you, to continue your path to mental improvement.